Before we get into why you should get an SSL certificate, we should probably explain what it is…

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is encryption technology, originally created a long time ago (1990’s).

It provides an encrypted connection between the users web browser and the website server, to keep private information secure – it is common on an eCommerce store as customers will be filling in private details and payment information.

Adopting an SSL certificate is becoming more and more important on all types of websites, especially when Google now tell you they will give you some ranking credit for having an SSL; this makes us all take note!


So, we now know an SSL certificate is used to secure any data that is passed from your browser to the website server. That information alone might be enough to make you secure your website, but we have put together a small list of additional reasons. You might have seen the Golden Padlock, or a green colour to the URL in a browser on a site you have been using before? This is how people recognise the presence of an SSL certificate


If you want to know more feel free to get in touch with us at Dexterous Designs; we can take care of the SSL Certificate registration process, provide support for the configuration, of the certificate and any changes needed to your site – and have you more secure in no time!


SEO Benefits

Google have recently started giving a Search Engine Optimisation ranking boost to sites that have an SSL certificate. To put it simply, it means that your site will rank higher in Google searches by having one – while it’s only a slight signal at the moment, this is becoming increasingly more important


Website Security

An SSL certificate protects site data, and the data of anyone visiting. Any contact form submissions or payment information will be encrypted as it is transferred. This makes the whole procedure much safer for your site and customers. It provides trust to the user, and website customers are more savvy regarding these types of things now. They may notice (and can become suspicious) if they don’t see the visual prompt that your site has an SSL certificate.



I know we mentioned it above, but if you have an E-commerce or membership based site then an SSL certificate is a must-have. It means that any transactions are private and preserved. While not mandatory if you are using a Payment Provider such as World Pay or Pay Pal (as the payment information is entered with their portal) it is still very much advised for customer confidence.


Having an SSL is Cheaper Than Ever

Until recently, getting an SSL certificate could be costly – but due to the rapid transformation of the web it has made converting to an secure URL with an SSL certificate not only more affordable but also practical. At Dexterous Designs we can help you through the whole process. Contact Us for more information