From Time to Time, Wordpress Needs an Update

Your website may be powered by WordPress. We like WordPress software because it is reliable and expandable. Our customers love it for the easy to navigate content Management System and the ability to integrate with Blogs, Social Media and loads of other features simply.

One advantage of WordPress is that it is constantly evolving; a few times each year there are releases to enhance functionality & features but most importantly SECURITY. This is Security of your data, your website content, and the website itself. Unfortunately everything on the Web is vulnerable to a hacker, and Word Press do their best to stay one step ahead. This does mean though that from time to time you need to update the software and security features; the good thing is that we can do this with no disruption to the site and no downtime.

If this is something that you have not done for some time, we strongly recommend you do this; or the worst could happen and should the site be hacked or modified by a hacker and any content or pages become irretrievable, the impact could be terrible in both the additional costs and the inconvenience to you and your business.

  • NOTE: As part of the service and the update process, we may have to advise you need additional licences for Premium WordPress Plugins, or in some instances the latest version of WordPress might not be compatible with your theme for example. If this happens we can advise accordingly, but until we look as cannot guarantee we can update everything! The cost of any premium plugin licences you will need is not included in the cost of the updating process with us and will be quoted separately if we find you need them.
  • 1. Security

    Essential security updates to keep your website & data safe from internet hackers

  • 2. Usability

    A WordPress update will give the highest-performance and user experience available.

  • 3. New Options

    New updates come new possibilities and access to the latest features.

WordPress updates, are they really necessary?

In short YES! With over 60 million users WordPress is the most popular content management platform in the world. And when you keep WordPress updated, it’s also among the most secure. But if you neglect the updates, your WordPress website can be at risk from attacks, vulnerabilities and inconveniences. In light of the latest cyber attack known as the XML Quadratic Blowup Attack, Word Press has released a recent Security update and now is up to version 4.6 of the system. ” The following blog post was posted on by renowned industry blogger Dom Nicastro.

The message today to the millions of users of WordPress and Drupal content management systems: Fire up those security updates. The web content management system (CMS) providers released security updates this week after an industry expert tipped them off to a potential attack that shuts down websites and servers running on the WordPress or Drupal engine.”

Read the full article HERE


How can DEXTEROUS DESIGNS help you?

Our WordPress Update Service offers a comprehensive one stop visit to your site where we can carry out essential site maintenance and updates. In brief, the visit to your Website will cover the following;

  • A check of the WordPress Version you are currently using, and an update to the most recent (compatible) version*
  • A full website back up, prior to doing any updates to ensure your site is secure
  • An update of any plug in programmes your WordPress site is currently utilising
  • Removal of spam blog posts that may contain harmful information or files
  • A report on what was carried out for you and what was updated
  • *depending on the age of your site the latest version might not be available, but we can check and advise accordingly

Full WordPress Update & Maintenance Package: Now Half Price £124*

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Get the WordPress Updates & Full Security

If your website is hosted through us you qualify for the half price offer of just £124. This gives you full peace of mind.

WordPress generally update a few times a year, but as part of this offer if WordPress happen to release another Security update within 6 months of your invoice date we will do the additional updates free of charge.

*Not Hosted with Dexterous Designs? Full Price £249

Hosting Starts at just £129 Per annum. Read More or  Contact Us today.