7 Reasons to use Google AdWords.

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how can I improve my websites ranking in Google search results?’

There are many ways to help, but one of the most effective is through Google AdWords. Here are our top 7 reasons to use Google AdWords.

1. Google AdWords is immediate

As soon as your account is set up it will be attracting either phone calls or clicks to your website straight away.

2. AdWords is easy to measure

You can see how many people have searched for your keywords and how many clicks you have had to your website. You can also see whether those clicks have turned into sales or leads.

3. Google charges you less for better performing ads

Imagine if you advertised in the newspaper and the ad was really successful. Would the newspaper call you and offer you a cheaper ad next time? Probably not! But with Google AdWords the more popular your ad – the less you pay!

4. No wasted advertising spend

If your account is set-up correctly you only get charged when people who are really interested in your product or service click on your ad.

5. Complete control of your budget

If you’re too busy and you don’t need any more leads you can turn it off. If you need more leads you can increase your budget.

6. Google AdWords and ‘Re-marketing’

With re-marketing you can bring people back to your website for another visit by following them on-line. This allows you to show the benefits of your product or service they may have missed on the first visit to your website.

7. There is no minimum spend

If you want to try out a new market or product but don’t want to spend lots of money you can start by spending as low as £1 per day.

We help many customers with their Google AdWords campaign, so feel free to get in touch with us about Google Ad Words & Marketing.


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