Do you want to know more about AMP’s for Web Design?

The term Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is becoming more and more popular in the industry. An ‘Accelerated Mobile Page’ for website design (or called an AMP for short) is a project from Google & Twitter designed as a way to increase the speed of website pages specifically on mobile devices.

Think of it as a leaner version of HTML code. designed to be extremely fast-loading by being smaller and only including the essentials.

So, this will tick all of the boxes for a rich and user-friendly website browsing experience, with pages loading quickly, better for the user and for the likes of Google – which can only be a good thing.

The comparative loading speeds of pages built in this way will demonstrate what is different about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). All that is happening is that anything not essential to the content / working of that particular page is removed and stripped out meaning the page is a lot smaller than non-AMP pages.

The web can be slow for a lot of people and especially on mobiles, so the aim is to reduce as much as possible so even those that do not have the greatest speeds online can see pages quickly, but this does mean that you are trying to offer just the basic and essential information. This means while it might be quicker, there is less on offer to the viewer, which also has to be considered when thinking about the AMP strategy.


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Accelerated Mobile Pages


We need to remember that while there are many benefits to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) like anything in the design process, there are other factors.

If you are removing a lot of the features that you and the users wants and likes, perhaps speed isn’t everything?

So we would promote this as a consideration when thinking about your website project, and we expect this to become more prominent over time. As a website design company, we aim to have mobile-friendly pages and offer additional Speed Optimisation Services as well if speed is an issue. We can discuss AMP with you where appropriate, and implement this as and when required.