Why are Business Reviews so popular?

The internet is now often the place that people will look up a business that has been recommended to them. It’s also the first point of call when looking for some social validation or feedback of a companies service or support, or general reputation.

Many businesses that like to use Social Media websites Like Facebook or LinkedIn  should be encouraging their customers to leave reviews and start to build up a history of good feedback, enforcing their values of around service and quality, reliability and responsiveness, or value for money – whatever key factors in their industry and what they want to be known for.

Other popular review systems have been around for a while and are continuing to grow. Trust Pilot is very popular across the board, Google Reviews are nothing new but provide great on-line credibility as they link directly to your Google Business Profile.

Reviews now can also utilise ‘Rich Snippets‘ and appear directly in Search Results (SERPs) which can be powerful for results, when configured in the correct way and using a compatible service such as Trust Pilot.

There are also industry specific systems such as Trip Advisor, Check-a-trade and many more.

Arguably for most businesses Google Reviews could be the most useful. Google is for many, the very first place to search. People are keen to learn about other peoples’ experiences and how businesses compare to each other, and the way the Google system works is aimed to keep things genuine and accountable.

For example, a negative review can be responded to and challenged but if genuine, it cannot be removed. This should be a good thing and make businesses keep their focus on service!

The Google system links to the Google My Business and the Google Maps functions, and can show on search results as well. It has been shown that positive reviews provide a boost to converting your visitors into customers!

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Start Collecting Positive Feedback

With a Business Review Strategy
Business Reviews


We are all guilty of the same flaws at times, and in business when we are busy asking for customer feedback is probably something (but by no means the only thing) that we push to one side!

The truth is, if you are a company that takes pride in delivering your service, and you truly believe in your customer service and want to be recognised for it, the only way to gain the recognition is with something tangible. It’s lovely that people ‘tell’ us when they love what we do, but we can’t show this or display this anywhere! We want this effort to be rewarded!

It is advisable to ask for feedback at different points. In turn, try and encourage them to share their experiences on-line on one of the popular Review Portals.

If you are a small business, be honest and explain it will really help you to grow locally or improve your reputation!

If your customers are happy, they should be more than prepared to help you.