Can a motion graphics video get your business message out there?

Why Consider A Video?

We all respond differently to different marketing messages. Some of your customers prefer to read and digest text and data, some will prefer lovely images. One of the growing ways to get your message out there and visible, is to use a Motion Graphics Video.

Relatively low cost, but eye-catching and with impact, the right video with a good message about you / your business / your product can appeal to a wide demographic. It can be a very quick and easy way to showcase a product or portfolio, news or bullet points, or just say who you are and what you do.

One of the best things about it is the combination of audio and visual engagement, while providing your message and educating the audience all at once. It also makes great fodder for your Social Media accounts. Post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to try and drive visitors and valuable traffic to your website where they can learn more about you.

General Considerations on the Video itself

If it’s too long people may not watch it – having something that looks like it will take up too much time for your (busy) user may put them off a little.

What is the message / purpose? – the title needs to entice people to click in the first place, and the video needs to engage early to ensure people continue to watch. Consider upbeat audio where appropriate, your image and colour choice, the font and as with all messages re-enforce the key points several times, as you would in a presentation.

Hosting the video – YouTube and Vimeo allow you to embed the videos directly on your website, and you can even create your own channel and categorise your productions should you build a collection over time. If done correctly this is another great tool to drive visitors to your website.

Talk to Dexterous Designs

We can help discuss the content or message of the video and help you decide what is suitable for your project. Contact Us for an informal discussion. This is something that we are doing more and more for customers and if done correctly, can really help get your messages across and add some much-needed engagement to a website structure.

It can provide information, or simply educate about you and your sector – but it can also help separate you from some of the competition. We are always happy to go through this with you so get in touch.

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