Quick answers to common questions

We speak with many customers on a daily basis and get asked certain questions a lot, so we have listed the most common ones to help you find the answers!

We are happy to book consultations to discuss your needs as everyone is different and has a different focus – but for now, we hope you find the answer to something quickly here if you prefer.

If you still have further questions, please feel free to Contact Us. We’d be happy to help!

  • I only need a small website, is this possible?

Sure it is! No job is too small. We offer Small Website Packages and Monthly Website Contracts as well as Single Page Websites. Please Email Us to arrange a consultation with a team member.

  • I have some very specific requirements, can you help?

We can offer websites to meet your requirements, and very often people have some specific functions they need to have included. We offer solutions including event calendars, booking systems, ways of taking payments, membership management and selling tickets and lots more besides. These days, anything can be done if you have the need! Just let us know what you are looking for.

  • Can you help me set up my Payment Service Provider?

With so many payment options available for E-commerce Websites to utilise, it can be hard to choose. We have experience integrating many payment systems and modules into our Websites and can advise on the best option for you.

  • I think I can make money selling products online, can you help?

Of course. We offer a great range of E-commerce solutions that allow you to control your own online store. We will let you know how it works and what you need. Check our E-commerce pricing or E-Mail the Dexterous Designs Team and Book a Consultation.

  • How long will my website take to finish?

This will vary. Most decent size 10-12 page websites can be completed within 4 weeks; some larger projects will be 6-8 weeks but if you have a specific time scale please let us know and we will accommodate where possible. Some solutions with complicated features can take longer but we will be honest and let you know each step of the way. Certain things can’t be rushed or skipped, and we like to be thorough!

  • I have a domain and website but I’m unhappy with my hosting provider. Can you just do hosting?

Yes we can! We offer a variety of hosting & support packages for all needs. Please take a look at our Website Hosting Packages for more information.

  • I need a business logo, stationery & printing for my company but not a website at the moment. Can you help?

Yes, we help create a complete logo / brand identity for your business and can arrange the design and Print of all your stationery. For more information please check out the Logo and Graphic Design page.

  • Do you provide any Search Engine Optimisation services?

Yes we do. We can carry out a detailed Search Engine Optimisation Audit, Keyword Research and Performance Report on your site and go from there. We will discuss what you feel you want to be found for or what isn’t working and ascertain what can be improved.

  • Do you offer IT support or help when I need something like Office 365?

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a local business that we use ourselves, for general IT support and emails etc. They also provide advice on backing up data, and IT infrastructure solutions and hardware. We are happy to refer your business to them so you get the benefit of their in-depth expertise.

  • If I want to do Online Advertising like Google AdWords or Facebook Adverts, can you help?

We can help you with Google AdWords and have a chat about how this might work for you. We do monthly contracts or general consultancy. Contact the Team for more details.

  • Can you help me with Website Security and any additional steps I can take to prevent hacking?

We have some really good ways to add Additional Security to your WordPress site, and thoroughly recommend that you also have regular updates and maintenance on your website. Talk to Dexterous Designs and discuss how we can help you.

  • Can you help me with Newsletters and Website Marketing?

Yes we can! For more information check out our page on E-Marketing and Newsletters.