Dexterous Designs’ Afternoon at Bridgwater and Taunton College

Last week, on Thursday 26th May, Connor, our Lead Creative and Senior Designer, attended Bridgwater and Taunton College to watch the BA Hons Graphic Design students’ final presentations. Connor was asked to provide an industry insight into graphic design, of which Connor has plenty of!  


Connor has previously worked with many large brands and has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, which will really allow our clients find and enhance their visual identity. Connor has always been fascinated with design and decided to follow this with formal studies in to the field of Graphic Design, Website Design and UI / UX Design, where he had the chance to showcase his work in a London exhibition. He works in many different aspects of design from small logo creations and business cards to large scale advertising campaigns, branding, animation and illustration. He is the Creative Lead on all high-level Website Design projects and Printing, Design and Branding work across the board. We are super proud to have him on the team . 


Connor has said that the students presented very well, with great work and good ideas from individual students. They competently answered industry focused questions. Connor hopes that his feedback helped them. The trending feedback was that nothing needs to be perfect as a designer, it’s only in the final stages when it needs to be refined. He also advised the students not to be afraid to ask questions; that is the best asset you can have! Connor hopes they take everything they’ve learned in the degree and from him forward into their future careers. Connor and Dexterous Designs were proud and happy to help and support the next generation of graduate designers!    


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