Dexterous Designs’ E-Commerce Services and Past Projects

At Dexterous Designs we are experts in creating responsive, high-quality e-Commerce websites. We can implement WooCommerceMagento 2Shopify and OpenCart, which will help you to create a successful e-Commerce shop. From a website development point of view, the project and the planning consider a lot of additional features for both the store owner, and the visitor. 


Our websites offer your users an appealing welcome and they encourage visitors to engage with the content, not only through static pages, but through browsing a catalogue of products and categories. Your users can browse, compare prices, and look at the available options and attributes (size, colour etc.) and factor in many things before hopefully adding to their cart and completing their purchase. Other user-centric features that Dexterous will be able to apply to your e-Commerce website include: a product search facility, excellent quality and multiple product images, visible shipping options and costs, terms and conditions and return policy, an opportunity to leave a product review, be able to contact you easily, and much more!  


Hearing Devices E-Commerce Website


As an e-Commerce store manager there will be more to look at and manage in the ‘back-end’ of the website. You will be able to place items on sale easily, manage inventory if you need to, easily place items back in stock or out of stock. Retrieval of customer details is also important, processing orders and notifying the customer of the delivery process etc. (order status). You will also want to manage product reviews.  


This week, we have published several new e-Commerce website portfolio items, describing our recent work with businesses. For Tregawne, we created a giftware e-Commerce website, which offers a structured, organised and visually appealing store, with products categorised for a smoother shopping experience. For Gordon Morris, there hearing devices e-Commerce website offers a navigational and high-quality experience for customers, with their many products categorised on various pages for a smoother and wider shopping experience. Print Shop Express’ products are categorised on a drop-down menu for a smoother and easily-accessible shopping experience. Their printing services are described and shown in detail on various pages, with examples of their previous work. We create e-Commerce websites for completely different businesses selling completely different things, on different scales, with different priorities, but all with the same intention and result of effectively selling their products.  


Giftware E-Commerce Website


We are immensely proud of these projects, and our others which you can view on our portfolio. 


For more information and to talk to one of our experts, please get in touch! 


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