Dexterous Designs’ Post-COVID Working Environment

In the past 18 months, businesses have had to take their marketing online, so the website design industry has been in demand more than ever. Dexterous Designs has developed significantly over the past year, with a growth in team members, services and expertise. We are making strides – evident through our new rebrand, car and consistently positive Trustpilot reviews.  


Regardless of how in demand our services have been, like every other business, we have had to adapt to a new way of working and continue to do so. Up until May 2021, we were working entirely remotely, which meant we had to communicate with each other more than ever, through Teams’ video calls and chat. This was challenged even further when three new employees were brought on in the middle of the pandemic, they had to be integrated into a team that was working entirely remotely, but through support and constant communication their introduction to the team was very successful. From May 2021, individuals have been working in the office on a part-time flexible basis, which keeps in mind the needs of our customers but also employees. Glyn Britton, chief customer officer at Bionic, stated in a report “that more people than ever have been given a glimpse of the better work/life balance that working from home can bring, and many won’t want to go back to the way things were before. To attract and retain the best employees, businesses are going to have to bear this in mind and offer flexible working conditions wherever possible.” 


In the same report, it has been found that the UK unemployment rate is at 4.7% even though job vacancies are being advertised in their millions. The number of job vacancies being advertised across the UK hit a new high in June this year at 1,176,830 – that is more than double the number of vacancies that were being advertised just 11 months ago in July 2020. Dexterous Designs have a few brand-new job vacancies to add to the all-time high. We are looking for a skilled Senior Website Developer and an experienced Creative to lead on UI/UX Design, as well as roles in Business Development and an Agency Manager. For the full job descriptions, click here.     


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