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When creating your business’ website, your audience and use experience should be kept in mind for the entire process, as an exceptional website can turn users into consumers. Your website is your main online presence, and a window into the business that creates an initial first impression of your brand. The reality is that buyers can make a subconscious decision to spend money with you (or not) in the first few seconds, and this is down to the visual and technical quality of your website. You should make sure you implement effective UI, in other words, design elements and aesthetic experiences, like consistent brand colours, fonts, and images. These all form your brand identity, so you need to select and enforce them carefully and consistently throughout your entire website. More technical aspects, like website accessibility, site navigation, loading speeds, and mobile-friendliness are also vital. Mobile browsing is by far the most current way that we all use websites now and has been for some time. There are exceptions for some sectors and businesses, but your site needs to perform on all devices and phones and tell Google that it is mobile-friendly. It is essential for a good page ranking and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as being vital to engage with your audience and keep them happy – if you still have a website that looks terrible on mobiles, you need to talk to the experts at Dexterous Designs. 


At Dexterous Designs, we create beautiful website solutions and professional, fast, and reliable websites that perform! Our experts create high-standard brochure style and informational websites, where prospects get their first impression of what to expect. We understand your business can be unique and your website needs to be too. Some sites also have some extraordinarily complex and custom-made systems – product configurations, booking facilities, integration of other back-end systems – we pride ourselves in creating the best solution for you! The website services we offer include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) services, website hosting, WordPress, ongoing support/maintenance, e-Commerce, Content Management System training, and blog writing. We will work with you and support migration to something effective and attractive. It does not have to break the bank and the benefits are completely worthwhile. 


Recently, we created a responsive website for the seafront restaurant Samphire21. They were recommended to us in December 2021 to look for a brand-new website for their restaurant. They were put in contact with us by a previous customer and we got straight to work. The client wanted something clean and modern that gave a clear impression of the type of food available at a quick glance. The website contains a range of features such as flashy menus, colourful image galleries, and a responsive integrated booking system. Another recent website project we are particularly proud of is the responsive website we created for Axeus Homes. They approached us in 2021 looking for a complete overhaul of their website. We came to an agreement and could not wait to get started on the project. They were looking for something modern and professional with an engaging user experience to reflect the absolute best impression for their business. The website features a stunning area for them to list their past and present developments, alongside an inquiry form for site users to contact any questions. 




To find out more about our website services or for any general enquiries, please contact us. 


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