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Having high-quality, professional graphic design on your website and print really takes your business’ branding to the next level. Engaging designs tell your story, communicate who you are and what your brand stands for. Whether you’re a new business in need of graphic design from the get-go to make sure your business gets off to a flying start, or a company in need of a revamp to allow you to reach your full potential after this past year, we can help you to enforce your new professional appearance. Your graphic design is a key snippet into the business that creates an initial first impression of your brand. The reality is that buyers can make a subconscious decision to spend money with you (or not) in the first few seconds.  


At Dexterous Designs, we create beautiful business branding and logo identities. We understand that the process and the journey will vary from business-to-business and from client to client, but we love talking about your ideas. We have a team of expert professional graphic designers. We can help you choose meaningful colours, new logo styles, branding guidelines and a clear direction for your appearance around your core values and target market. We can provide examples and samples of Print showing you lots of different finishes and paper grades before we talk about the Graphic Design, so you will know the finished print product will ‘feel’ incredible as well as look amazing. Logo files can be provided in a variety of widely used formats for you to keep ensuring no matter what you are putting your branding upon in the future, the results will be first class. 



We follow a proven effective process, where at the start of each project, we meet with you and learn as much as we can about the business; we get to know you and understand more about your vision, goals, experiences and your design preferences. In the discussion, our designers will want to talk about any preferred colours, styles, shapes, content of the logo or strap-line, uses for the logo, the market you want to appeal to – and much more! It’s vital that we are on the same page, and we believe that by sharing our knowledge and experience, and some of our previous work – you will be more than confident your project is in the very best of hands. Our researchers will build an understanding of you, your sector, what we are designing for and this usually involves looking at your competitors too. Our creatives will then come up with some concepts/sketches, ideas, and different approaches that help you see alternatives! From this, you can let us know which concepts hit the mark, and make the (sometime difficult) decision on which to proceed with. Finally, we will supply you with the end design, usually in a form of printed product.  


Contact us for a full discussion, and you can be assured that our ideas, support and service will guarantee the best results for you.  


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