Dexterous’ Website Hosting, Support and Maintenance Services

Having strong, reliable and consistent website hosting, support and maintenance is a vital component to maintaining the speed, user experience, security, reliability and the foundation of good search engine optimisation for your website. Any downtime could mean lost revenue, and the security of your data is of paramount importance. Website Loading Speed is one of the measures of how Google will see your site and give it credit or ranking credibility, so this is important on all devices and is only becoming more important moving forward, since Google’s recent update around user-centricity.  


At Dexterous, we can host, support and manage your website, meaning that all your management and support is under one roof! Our third-party website hosting is with AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is the industry standard for fast, reliable hosting. We help with all websites, especially if your site is a database content management system (CMS) website like WordPress. We always make sure the website and hosting account is fully optimised, and has the necessary resources/server-caching, specifically designed to keep websites be as fast as possible. We help manage your website space, keep an eye on bandwidth use, set up email accounts for you and the hosting will be set to have regular back-ups, depending on your package. Security and email anti-spam features are pretty standard but can be upgraded for even more peace of mind and security. We can help with email forwarding or re-directions as well, and any email accounts created can be accessed via the web using a web-mail login. 


In terms of general website support, we help website owners and managers stay in control, keep their websites up to date and secure, by providing updates and support, from technical advice to content changes. Websites require a certain amount of general maintenance to perform optimally for years to come. To help your SEO, Google needs to see regular updates. Even if you don’t always need to update the basic site information, we always encourage people to consider a blog area for their site to keep things fresh. Updating images regularly is also a good idea even if the written content doesn’t change often. It’s also a good idea to remember in this digital age, all websites can be found by the bad apples too – hackers and spammers may take a liking to your site and try to gain access to it. For this reason, what goes on behind the scenes is also just as important to keep up to date. We can help with Website Updating packages for the content and combine a back-end service for WordPress Updates into one single monthly agreement, which means we will keep on top of all of the technical stuff, and you can also send us any content changes, blog articles, images, portfolio or project updates needed – and we can take care of what people see as well – and keep Google happy! 


For more information on our website hosting and maintenance services, and support packages, please get in touch!  


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