Free and Effective Ways to Improve your SEO

The highest-converting, most valuable and profitable traffic to your website comes from Google’s organic (and free) listings. That is why it is so important to be near the top of your Google search, because if you aren’t then you won’t be noticed nearly as much as you would be if you were at the top. The average cost per click on Google Ads has increased by 244% in the past 4 years. Pay per click (PPC) can be the way to go for some businesses, but you want to make sure you are utilising the free search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies first, so you don’t overspend on your ranking. There are several effective ways you can improve your SEO at no cost. 


Firstly, know where you stand with Google. A quick search on Google will a) show you where (if at all) you are on the search list, and b) how many searches and results your website has had. Secondly, know where you stand compared to your competitors. If your competitors are ranking higher than you on Google, then you should act on it and bring the traffic to you. 


Create an effective blog. I’ve spoken before on the benefits of having a blog on your website, but if your blog isn’t SEO effective then it’s pretty pointless, in terms of your Google ranking and traffic coming onto your website. Content management systems, like WordPress, have a tool that shows you how strong your title and meta description are, and whether they have the potential to bring a decent amount of traffic to your website. The title and meta description are the things that people see on their Google search, so if they don’t grab the attention of potential users then your rankings and traffic won’t increase. The title is the most important element of any website page, as it is the first thing users read and is the instant deciding factor to whether they continue to read on or not. The title needs to be as direct (include your keyword in it), yet interesting as possible – your readers need to know what they’re getting themselves into and your article/website can accommodate to their search intentions. 


Infographics are another way to make sure your information is reaching the right people, but also another way of delivering the right message. They are an effective way to get people to click on the links on your site. Your infographic needs to be original, informative and compelling.  


No matter how much traffic you drive to your site, you need to make sure you advertise something at the bottom of each page, whether it’s your contact information, Trustpilot or socials, you should make sure you are utilising your traffic to the fullest. Another way to optimise your traffic is to set up each page as a landing page, optimized to capture their email address and convert your visitors from casual reader into subscriber. This will continue to build the relationship and keep selling them on your products and services, hopefully converting them from subscriber to customer. However, make sure you strike the right balance, between it being effective and then coming across desperate – your content shouldn’t feel like just a sales page and every other word is begging for users’ email addresses.  


Where do you go from here?  

These free SEO strategies are such a good starting point but there’s room to take it even further, and that’s where Dexterous come in. We offer a free SEO scan, to help you determine where your Google rankings are. From that we can help you create a plan of action to make sure you are utilising your SEO strategies to the full. Our experts know where to start and how to improve your SEO, by identifying your keywords, knowing Google’s criteria for rankings, and most importantly how to effectively apply and measure all of this. Beyond the free SEO strategies above, we help with PPC. Our team has over a decade of experience helping to grow companies and provide them with impressive results from an investment in PPC. We constantly review campaign metrics like, campaign quality score, audience lists, keywords, audience location, ad copy and device conversion. We offer additional services where we provide on-site review and optimisation. On a monthly basis, you will receive a metric-based report to show you the monthly results, a personalised list of reflections and recommendations for the month ahead. Our team, with your input, will always be looking for the next paid media innovation to keep you ahead of the competition and drive forward with the best possible results and value for investment.  

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