Happy Positive Thinking Day!

Each year on the 13th September, it is Positive Thinking Day! Today is all about putting everything aside and concentrating on all things positive in life. 


The key objective of the day is to promote the idea that negative thoughts can drain energy and create stress. It encourages people to deal with difficult situations in life with optimism and positivity. Think of this Monday as a fresh start, with new goals and the catalyst of a great week ahead! At the start of each week the Dexterous Designs team discuss our wins from last week, our goals for this week and any roadblocks that are in the way to achieving our goals. The wins, goals roadblocks (WGR) are an effective way to keep the team interacting with one another, while keeping each other up to date on the progression of projects. On Wednesday and Fridays, we discuss whether our goals have been achieved that week. While some of us remain remote and others alternate days in the office, the WGR calls are such a good way for the team to remain in contact and in-sync with one another, which makes the exceptional service we deliver even more so, as the team remain so well connected.  


After this past year, I think a day making the effort to celebrate positive thinking is needed. A day like today sets the tone on what our outlook should be like every day post-pandemic, and our attitude on returning to work/the office. Now is the time for your business to bounce back to its full potential and Dexterous Designs can help you achieve this! From our many services, we can bring your brand to life – maybe you need an updated website or logo? We’re here to help! We’ve even undergone a rebrand in the past year, with a new website, branding, car and a shop front. After this past year, we just cannot wait to get back out there and for our business to reach its full potential. Now is the time to for a revamp and update; there has never been a more crucial time to focus on reaching your customers online. We can get your business back out there and succeed after COVID, so please do get in touch if you want any more information on our website, optimisation, print, or design services. 


In the meantime, happy positive thinking day! Have a good one, from the team at Dexterous Designs!   


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