How Can I Boost My Presence with SEO?

First impressions last and your website’s speed is a potential customer’s first impression of your business, so for it to be responsive and loading speeds to be at a minimum is so vital. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, approximately 40% of your visitors will abandon your site, and about 70% of the users who find your website slow will never return to your site again. With this, almost 45% of these users will share their poor experience with the page speed and website loading with others.

The thing that all these stats have in common and are focused around is the user, which with good loading speed, can turn into customers.   

Google’s long-anticipated page experience algorithm landed, with a more a structured, data-collecting and “user centric” approach. Page experience impacts rankings, how users interact with your website, and their overall experience of it. It includes Google Search signals such as mobile friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS and intrusive interstitial guidelines. This update will summarise metrics in Google’s Web Vitals, like sites’ loading speeds, interactivity and visual stability. The aim is to optimise the “quality of user experience,” by helping you, as a “business owner, marketer or developer to quantify the experience of your site and identify opportunities to improve.” If your metrics are unsuccessful, then your website will decline in Google search rankings. The vitals are easily monitored, and more comparable website is created, while pushing businesses to focus on the most important thing – their users. It will give you, as business owners, and us, as developers the opportunity to receive, reflect on, and rectify user experience, and your website’s Search Engine Optimisation. And with the right website experience, users will become consumers. 

At Dexterous Designs we offer a free SEO scan to help you determine where your Google rankings are. We can help to optimise your site in the first place to improve rankings and to a) show you where (if at all) you are on the search list, and b) how many searches and results your website has had – all compared to your competitors. We can help you create a plan of action to make sure you are utilising your SEO strategies to the full. We help with identifying your keywords, knowing Google’s criteria for rankings, and most importantly how to effectively apply and measure all of this. We are experts in pay-per-click (PPC) – we constantly review campaign metrics like, campaign quality score, audience lists, keywords, audience location, ad copy and device conversion. Our additional services include:

on-site review and optimisation providers – on a monthly basis, you will receive a metric-based report to show you the monthly results, a personalised list of reflections and recommendations for the month ahead. Our team, with your input, will always be looking for the next paid media innovation to keep you ahead of the competition and drive forward with the best possible results and value for investment.  

Start 2024 off right – guarantee website success with Search Engine Optimisation.


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