How can SEO help my business?

Everyone wants their website to rank as highly as possible. This goes without saying. Not only does this mean we are more likely to generate more traffic, but it will also help generate more inquiries and sales.

Anyone can pay to be at the top of Google and there is a place for that. But in the long term, it can turn out to be a very expensive procedure to generate traffic. At Dexterous Designs, we think it is much better and more efficient to get your traffic from search results without having to pay for every click. That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in…

SEO massively helps when boosting your conversion rate. In SEO terms, the conversion rate is a ratio for the number of people purchasing your products compared to the total number of people visiting the website. SEO can help by diverting people to your website who are actually interested in your business and the services you provide, in turn, improving your conversion rate. With more sales coming in, SEO seems like a great investment, right? Let’s take a look at what one of our clients said about this…

Case Study:

Dr Nestor opened The Medical Cosmetic Centre in April 2016 in the city centre of Edinburgh to address facial ageing, skin health, hair loss and body concerns, equally for women and men. Within the first year, The Medical Cosmetic Centre won Best New Clinic in Scotland at the Scottish Medical Aesthetic Awards and Dr Nestor was honoured with Highly Commended Doctor.

“We were interested to see how SEO might help to increase awareness and so we decided to go for a Basic package with Nettl. We were very happy with the progress made. So much so that we decided it would be a good investment to upgrade to the Enterprise package.”

Below are some of the benefits that Dr.Nestor noticed as a result of our Search Engine Optimisation.

  • The number of pages on the first page of Google increased from 6 to 17. (+ 11)
  • The visibility score increased from 58 to 85. (+ 27)
  • 65% of website traffic comes from search engines.
  • Overall website traffic improved by 38% compared to the previous year.
  • Domain authority score increased from 20 to 28. (+ 8)

Our Business SEO Packages

If you would like to improve your search rankings and generate more clients/sales check out our SEO Packages by clicking here! Each package has been tailor-made to fit all ranges of business whether they be large or small.

If you have found a package you like, feel free to get in touch today.


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