How do I measure website traffic?

Before we start talking about how to measure website traffic we should probably explain what ‘Website Traffic’ is…

Website traffic is essentially just the users/visitors to a specific website. We usually tend to measure this in ‘visits’ or ‘sessions’ and this helps to give a great indication of your websites online presence and how many people are being attracted to your brand.

With that said, we should clarify that while it is a good indication, it only really shows information about the core data. For example, how a user performs when they are on a specific page.

So, we now know that website traffic is basically the number of visitors to a website, but why is it important to collect this data?

Tracking your website traffic can really help when making decisions relating to your website. By tracking this information it can provide a good indication of whether you should be looking at boosting conversions or whether you should be looking into traffic-driving strategies. If you are familiar with SEO, this is a great example of a ‘traffic-driving strategy’.

If you would like to learn more about SEO, feel free to check out another blog post of ours here!

Ok great! so we know what website traffic is and why it’s important that we track this information, but now we need to know HOW to track it…

Luckily for you, there are a wide variety of ways we can go about doing this. However, the most used one (and the one that we like the most) is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides you with a wide range of views and data that is instantly accessible to anyone. Every time we finish a web development project we advise the client to get set up on Google Analytics and start tracking their website data IMMEDIATELY for the reasons mentioned above.

If you need help setting your website up on Google Analytics and driving more traffic to your site, we can help. We have a page chock-full of information on Google Analytics if you would like to learn more. Alternatively, you can contact us today and discuss this with us on the phone by calling 01823 270000.

We always have someone on hand to pick up the phone and we look forward to hearing from you!


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