How To Create A SEO-Friendly Blog

I recently wrote a blog article on our new blog writing services so, I thought it would be a good idea to follow it up with a few tips on how to make your blog effective and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)-friendly (something which we, at Dexterous, can also help you with). There is an important balance to strike between effectively using keywords, and making your blog articles readable and enjoyable.  


When writing your blog, it is important to have a structure and intended message behind you article, because if you clearly understand your aims then your reader will to. The structure should start with an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion, all of which cover have the same intentions but present them from a different angle. A minimum of 300 words is also advised, to really optimise your SEO as Google likes a long article, but make sure not to make it too long otherwise readers might lose interest.   


Having an excessive amount of your focus keyword makes your article so much less attractive to read, but it can also negatively affect your rankings. Google doesn’t want you to use your focus keyword in every other sentence and has other ways to analyse what your text is about. One of the ways that Google understands the topic of your text is by recognising synonyms and other keywords that are related to your focus key phrase. That’s why you should use synonyms and related keywords throughout your article. Thinking of the right related keywords can be challenging, and that is where our SEO experts can help you! 


Throughout your blog, use hyperlinks to link to sources, your website pages, and your other blog articles, that even loosely relate to the current topic. This not only gives readers the resources to understand your blog content better, but also gives you the opportunity for your other work to be read. Doing this also shows consistency and highlights your expertise on the topic, as you are able to expand on what you have written previously.  


Another aspect of blog writing that we can help you with is the structured regularity of your content. If your website’s blog doesn’t remain active the Google could decrease your rankings. However, it is important to strike another balance between producing regular content, and high-quality, informative and insightful content – don’t post for the sake of posting.  


At Dexterous Designs, we have just introduced our new blog writing services. We have had our own blog since 2014, but our new Social Media Coordinator is now focusing heavily on producing quality content at least twice a week. Our experts in research and content creation will write keyword-rich, engaging, and relevant content to raise your business’ profile, and contribute to your keywords and SEO. We will create regular and structured content for your site, and will follow a blog timetable that suits you. We will adapt to a writing style that suits your business, so your content will be of a high-standard, in terms of both writing and display. We can also confidently and effectively post, promote, interact and grow your blog content on your social media too.  


If you are interested then please get in touch for more information.  


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