iPhone 6s – Five Rumoured Features

It’s coming up to about a year since Apple released their last phone, which means that a new iPhone 6s is about to be released. This year, Apple are following in their usual tradition and releasing the S version of the phone they released the year before. According to a few people who have been given information and access to the new iPhone, there are a few new features that Apple have introduced.

We’ve condensed these new features and put them into a list of five things that you can expect from the new iPhone.


Force Touch Display on iPhone 6s!!

Force Touch is something Apple and other tech companies have been throwing around since the release of the Apple Watch and the new MacBook, but what does it mean?

Without throwing in too much industry jargon, Force Touch displays know how much pressure you put on to the screen. This basically allows new interactions on apps depending on how hard you press on something.

The new Force Touch is rumoured to be coming to the new iPhone, but according to sources it’s very different to that of the Watch or the new MacBook. Rather than directly detecting the pressure applied by fingers, the new system is rumoured to monitor the area where a finger presses to determine the pressure applied instead.


New Camera

Apple have been constantly praised in the past for having decent cameras despite having a lower amount of mega pixels than most of their competitors, Although this time around, Apple seems to have upped their game a little, and have added a new camera with more megapixels to it.

Apparently, the new iPhone will have a 12 mega-pixel camera, which is still lower than it’s competition. However, Apple have also introduced a new sensor, according to sources, and this sensor will allow for a better capture of light to make the pictures look cleaner and more crisp.


Upgraded Processor

With a new phone comes a new processor, so it should come to no surprise that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus comes with a brand new A9 chip, as opposed to the A8 that the iPhone 6 currently uses.

According to sources, the making of the new chip is thanks to Samsung, and if their previous chips are anything to go by, means the iPhone 6s will be nice and speedy at handling tasks and can potentially improve battery life.


iOS9 on the New iPhone

Similarly, to the new processor, with a new phone often comes new software. According to rumour, the new iPhone will be shipped with iOS9 which is the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

The software was previewed at WWDC in June, and it will bring a lot of new features for the iPhone with it. Siri will now have a new interface and will interact with your phone in a whole new way with pro-active features and suggestion based on your phone’s location.


The New Design

Every year Apple brings out a new iPhone and every year, the iPhone looks a little different or feels a little different. This year, according to some leaked information, is no different.

According to sources, the new iPhone won’t look that much different from the previous model but it will feel different. The 6s and 6s Plus’ layout will be roughly the same as the 6’s, but apparently it will feel heavier, be made of a slightly different material and probably have a new set of colours to the phone, as most new handsets do.

Another thing that’s been floating around is the new iPhone will be thinner than it’s predecessor. And then on top of that there’s been a rumour that the iPhone 6s will be fatter than the 6.  Obviously, there’s no way of knowing until the 9th of September, but it’s extremely unlikely, veering toward impossible that Apple would release a thicker iPhone.