Office 2016 for Windows 10 has been released

Microsoft Office 2016 was officially released yesterday for Windows 10, and it’s being dubbed by many as Microsoft’s best version of Office yet!

According to sources, there are a lot of features that users will need to get used to, especially if they’ve been using Office 2013 for the last few years, but this doesn’t mean it’ll be a burden to learn how to use the new software, we’re told all of the new updates and additions are very beneficiary to users of Office, and several of them walk you through what’s going on, and what’s new on screen.

There are way too many changes to list and describe in this latest version, so we’ve hand-picked some of the best new features of Office 2016 to whet your appetite.


What’s new in Windows 10?

Microsoft has said that their key focus for this Office update were four things:

  • Teamwork
  • Making the most of Windows 10
  • Security
  • and making sure that “it works for you.”



One of the main focuses of this update was to make it easier to work together through Office. Collaboration on projects using Word, PowerPoint or OneNote is now very central to the whole experience. These features work very similarly to that of Google Docs, where you can share your project with someone, and you can all edit the same document. You can also see what a colleague is editing in real time, even though it’s an application and not opened in a browser.

The new Office has Skype-app integration so users can talk to each other when working together on a project, rather than be sat next to each other or screaming across the office and disturbing other colleagues. You can also separate the groups up into teams if you’re the project manager and have certain teams work on certain parts of a project, and other teams work on other parts.


Making the most of Windows 10

A lot of Windows 10 features help improve Office 2016, starting with Cortana. Cortana can be linked up with an Office 365 account and can then be used for things like preparing for meetings and controlling calendars.

A new app on Windows 10, Sway, can also be used to make “interactive stories” from conventional documents. For example, you can import a Word document in to Sway and it will create a rolling presentation from the words, pictures and other attachments. If you’re not keen on the results, you can click the Remix button and it will generate a whole new layout for the presentation and you can keep clicking until you find one you like.



Windows Hello, which is Microsoft’s security system, is now available for Office 2016. On top of that, your accounts will be linked, so if you have an Office 365 account you can be logged into Windows and Office at the same time.

This is exceptionally handy, and saves remembering passwords and usernames. Having both accounts linked increases productivity, and just generally makes life much easier when working with Windows 10 and Office 2016.


It “works for you”

This was a huge deal for Microsoft this year, one of their main aims was to make Office more accessible for everyone looking to use it, and to make it so that everyone could use it differently.

Smart Lookup is a new feature that works within documents and provides extra information about words and phrases that you might want to know about. Say you were to hover over a specific word in a Word document; with Smart Lookup you can look the word up, find out what it means and find other words with similar meanings.

Another cool feature in Outlook is the ability to send attachments as Cloud Links rather than physical copies which ultimately saves on storage space. This also keeps editing of emails to a minimum. You can just edit the cloud version, and send a link to the recipient.

A final feature that we think is pretty handy, is a new feature added to Outlook called “Clutter.” Over time, Outlook will learn what emails are important to you and which ones are unnecessary, and will begin to sort them, only showing notifications to the emails Outlook knows you want to see.


Our Conclusion

This update to Office is one of the best we have seen yet. It’s much more productive than it’s predecessor, and it generally makes life easier for the user. In our opinion, this version of Office is a fantastic upgrade, and is a must have for businesses and home users alike.

It includes amazing new features to Office, and allows for team working and  easier communication. However, this list is far from exhausted. There are a lot of other features that have been added, but we’d be here all day if we tried to go through them all.