Pay Per Click: Helping Your Business Build an Effective Paid Media Campaign

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising model that lets advertisers (you) place ads on an advertisement platform (like Google) and pay the host of the platform when your ad is clicked. It is used to drive traffic to websites, specifically webpages that are advertising a service or product. An effective paid media campaign is all about targeting correctly, reviewing and reporting metrics, and then altering the campaign based on the monthly results, to make sure your business is getting the best out of investing in PPC.    

 At Dexterous Designs, we work with you to understand your product, your company, your audience, and your consumer. It is important to us that we’re an effective extension of your company, and we work with you achieve your goals. We constantly review campaign metrics like, your campaign quality score, audience lists, keywords, audience location, ad copy and device conversion. PPC gives you direct access to one of our paid search teams who will support your campaign on a daily basis, making any needed changes, and keeping you updated based on different agreed goalsOnce a month, you’ll receive a metric-based report to show you the monthly results, a personalised list of reflections and recommendations for the month aheadOur team, with your input, will always be looking for the next paid media innovation to keep you ahead of the competition and drive forward with the best possible results and value for investmentGet in touch with our team to see if PPC is right for you, and to get valuable and expert support for your paid media campaign.  

 So, PPC is right for you, but after this past year you don’t have the funds? Here are some support/funding schemes, national and local, to help your business recover and reach its full potential:        

 Government Restart Grant 

This is a nationwide scheme to “help the high street,” where businesses have the opportunity to get up to £18,000 each. This one-off grant is for “non-essential retail, hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym businesses.” See the general Government eligibility guidelines for more details.

Additional Restrictions Grant  

This grant supports businesses that are severely impacted by restrictions, and that may or may not be in the business rates system. Local councils have the freedom to determine the eligibility criteria for these grants, but the expected businesses eligible to the help are ones severely impacted by the restrictions, including, businesses which do not pay business rates, businesses that have not received wider grant support, and businesses from all sectors that are severely impacted by restrictions 

Somerset Business Recovery Survey 2021 

Non-funding support includes, the Somerset Recovery Survey 2021, which gives local businesses the opportunity to have their say, and voice their needs after COVD-19.    

Start-Up Support Package: Business West 

Somerset Councils are running a series of business start-up sessions on Business West. They are open to any Somerset residents looking to set up and run their own business, each covering a different topic area. These different workshop topics, are tailored for people who want expert advice on more specific areas of their business, and to help you “get the groundwork nailed and your first customer on the books.” 

 To find out about more schemes and your eligibility for them, check out the Business Coronavirus Support Finder 

 Talk to a member of our team to see how our PPC and other services, at Dexterous Designs, can help your business recover and excel post-COVID 19.  


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