YMCA Preschool Responsive Website Design

date: May 2015

client: Taunton YMCA Preschool

category: Websites


Taunton YMCA Preschool opened in 1978 as a local community preschool facility that encourages active play for the children on Taunton and beyond.


They had a very old website and asked us at Dexterous Designs to create a bright, vibrant and fun Pre School Responsive Website that would perform on all devices and showcase the schools facilities and provide important information.

  • Provided a pre school responsive website design solution to work on all devices.
  • Created a fun and colourful design in line with new logo and brand colours.
  • Transferred all content from existing website to ensure seamless transition.
  • Assisted with preparation of existing images to best fit new website.
YMCA Preschool Responsive Website Mobile Friendly

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