Referral Scheme

What are Dexterous Rewards?

We want to offer businesses a reward when they suggest us to their associates and friends.

Happy Dexterous Designs’ customers always send people our way, and we want to make sure there is a process in place so they are rewarded. Not only the new customer, but the person referring them, also receives a reward.

More details on the scheme are below, but if you have a general question, feel free to use our contact form. 



1: respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one.

10% OFF

for clients referred to us by an existing customer

10% BACK

to the referring business or individual (terms apply)

How does this work?

Happy customers always want to share their experiences and point friends and contacts in the direction of a business that they know will look after them, it’s normal and happens all the time.

We want our customers to be rewarded for introducing us to new businesses and clients, so we have started the referral scheme to ensure that when someone comes to us in this way, not only will the new client receive a saving on their new project, the customer that make the introduction is also rewarded, so everyone wins!

It’s quick and easy, and we are not asking people to do anything they wouldn’t do anyway – but by making this a process we can easily track monitor, we can really help those who are helping us. There are no limits and no catch, and each referral will be contacted and you will be informed of any business that arises from it, so you can claim your reward.

What's in it for me?

We encourage customers to use this process when making a referral, so we can tell who the introductions were made by, then we know who to reward!

There is a very simple form to use, and once this is done, and should your introduction result in a new project and a customer, we will give you back up to 10% of the project value (once all payments are completed into Dexterous Designs) via an agreed invoice.

This could result in some welcome extra money for you, or your business, and is a way of us thanking you for your efforts! This is a cost-effective way for us to ascertain new leads, and seeing as you are the one putting in the effort, we want to make sure you are the one being rewarded! It’s that simple, really

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Can I refer more than one person?

Yes, you can refer as many businesses as you want

Each referral will be contacted by the team, and at any point during the process we will ensure they know the contact came from you, and that when we quote for the work it will clearly be itemised in the quote where the saving is being made. We will only attempt to contact the new introduction once via phone or email (preferred) so as not to be intrusive.

You can refer us for any of the services we offer, which can be seen below. 

Make a referral

Fill in the referral form below to get started


Terms & Conditions:

  • The referring business needs to be an active customer of Dexterous Designs.
  • We will contact each company once, and let the referrer know the outcome.
  • When a project is agreed upon and paid in full, the referring business/person on the form will be informed of their referral reward and can invoice us for the amount they are entitled to (terms apply regarding VAT which we will cover with you).
  • The scheme can be removed at any time, with no notice provided.
  • Other reward alternatives may be offered.
  • No claims can be made retrospectively or where communication between Dexterous Designs and the referred company has already started.
  • At times, the referral discount or the value back to the referring person may be capped for commercial reasons.
  • Management decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision.
  • For full written rules please email

Talk to us

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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