An overview of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the on-line advertising service that Google sell to businesses that want to have adverts on Google, above search results. They charge a premium for the positioning and advertisers are charged based on the popularity of the phrase or keyword, and how many times the advert is clicked.

AdWords is a Google tool in the Google account, and this portal allows users to choose keywords, search for suggestions on what might be the most popular, set their budgets, start and stop campaigns, see conversion rates and traffic, and much much more!

Some businesses rely on AdWords for a huge revenue, others use it now and again to boost their traffic at quiet times of the year or when seasonal products might be more in demand.

Each campaign would have a landing page, with the content carefully written to ‘convert’ that click into either a sale or prospect, depending on what the goal of the campaign / Google AdWord advert was.

You can bid on certain words or phrases against your competition, which can also help you get ahead of the game as well.

It can be complex, and to get the best from Google AdWords there are some key factors – choosing the right keywords, setting up the best landing page to convert, setting your budget and spending, managing negative keywords and conversion percentage… This is just the start. Use Dexterous Designs to manage your campaigns, and we do all of this for you while you concentrate on selling to your new leads!

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Google AdWords uses cost per click advertising. This means you pay when someone clicks the Advert.

You tell Google your top bid for that click, but you may well be charged less if the competition drops a little.

Then you set your own daily or weekly budget, so if this is set up correctly you will not exceed what you want to spend.

The best option is to have our team set up the campaign for you, and either assist in running it or manage it for you on a daily basis, to make sure you are getting the best out of the Google AdWords service.