Everything you need to know about Search Console

Google Search Console is another free Google service in the Google Business Tools suite. The search console can help you learn a lot of information about your website, traffic and visitors.

It can gather data on how many visitors you have, and how they reach you. You can break down traffic into mobile or desktop visitors which can be extremely useful if you want to see what works. You can see the most popular pages and it can help you address errors, submit an XML sitemap (good practice for SEO) and create / check a robots.txt file, again, good practice.

If you’re new to Google Search Console or the Google Tools in general, you’ll need to ‘Add and Verify’ your website(s) before you can do any of the adjustments.

This proves you own / manage the website and the domain; because the Google Search Console gives you such detailed and useful information, it’s important this only be used by those intended and allowed to see it.

Google Search Console on Laptop
Google Search Console Logo


Google Search Console is something that is free and can provide some great website information, and with Google still the most popular search engine in the UK it would be advisable to utilise these sorts of tools.

This tool is an absolute must-have for businesses and their websites, and any search engine optimisation will be extremely limited without it.

We can help get you a Google account set-up, create a Google My Business page, link to your search console, link to Google Analytics to make sure you are getting the best data and information to keep on top of your website success or possible improvements.