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For many people, talking about themselves or their business can be a difficult task. Either they do not feel comfortable singing their own praises (which can lead to underselling their attributes), do not have the time to get creative, or they may even feel that content creation is not their strong point.

In our experience the main thing that slows the development process is content writing because of the reasons displayed above. It can halt progress in many cases and turn an exciting project into a chore for many business owners.

We have helped numerous business owners with their content creation across the board from website content writing, sourcing suitable stock images, blog posts and social sharing, Newsletter creation + much more.

Let us take the stress out of your project so you can focus on your business.

Website content writing
Website content writing in taunton


Website Content Creation for your text and website information is a process in which we work with you as the expert in your business, and help you to create relevant and engaging content that uses the correct industry terms and language for your audience. We make sure that it does all of this while ensuring the pages include the correct keywords and terms for SEO in the right quantities.

It is our job to understand enough from you to be able to create this content, but it is very much created with your approval to make sure we have written it in the correct way using the right terms.

This can involve a back and forth process several times to make sure we are doing everything that your users and that the Search Engine would like to see, as well as making sure it’s accurate to your business. In some instances it can involve research into the industry even before we put pen to paper.

This can be a much quicker process than creating all of the copy yourself, from scratch, depending on the type of website you have and the amount of writing that needs to be done.

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