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People always want to make sure that their business website ranks well for their local community, if they are hoping to be found locally and deliver their services close to home. You can also improve the usability of your website by adding opening hours and your location which can show up on Google search engine results.

We help our clients by utilising the expertise of the Yoast SEO team, and can help customers configure the popular WordPress plugin ‘Local SEO’.

This can be configured to assist in the way the website can be ranked locally, and can improve the usability for some website pages and in particular, the Contact Page.

If you run and manage an e-Commerce store using WooCommerce, we can also work with you to utilise a specific Local SEO for WooCommerce plugin. This tool combines the features of the Local SEO tool and in addition to this, it adds specific options for WooCommerce stores. This can help e-Commerce websites to be more visible in the local area and help you rank higher locally and sell more locally.

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Searching in Google, or indeed in any of the other search engines for a particular service or business such as an accountant, shoe shop or beauty salon will receive these services in your local area. So, local search does happen to an extent anyway. However, if we really want to give ourselves the best opportunity for a slightly better rank locally Google wants to know the exact location of your business. In addition to this, it is always a good idea to tell Google exactly what type of business you are and the services you provide.

The ‘Local SEO’ tool from Yoast provides all search engines with this specific information once you have it configured, to help show your website in the local search results. This is particularly useful where the business covers multiple offices or business locations, to help the search engine offer the local office details i the results.

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