The Benefits of Blogging and Dexterous’ New Blog Writing Services

Blogs are an informal, yet informative, mode of communication for your business to connect with your customers on a different level. Having a news/blog page on your website updates your users on sector and company news, promotes your services, and opens up a conversation with them. Blogs are a different source of communication with your customers, while giving you an opportunity to put your voice across, away from your normal overly professional/formal lingo, which creates a side to your business that is more personable and approachable for your website viewers. Blogs also give you an opportunity to raise your business’ profile, while adding to your keywords and SEO. Last but not least, by promoting your blogs on your social media, it gives you more content to post, resulting in the opportunity to grow on all platforms.       


At Dexterous Designs, we have just introduced our new blog writing services. We have had our own blog since 2014, but our new Social Media Coordinator is now focusing heavily on producing quality content at least twice a week. Our experts in research and content creation will write keyword-rich, engaging, and relevant content to raise your business’ profile, and contribute to your keywords and SEO. We will create regular and structured content for your site, and will follow a blog timetable that suits you. We will adapt to a writing style that suits your business, so your content will be of a high-standard, in terms of both writing and display. We can also confidently and effectively post, promote, interact and grow your blog content on your social media too.  


If you are interested then please get in touch for more information.          


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