The Cyber Essentials Certification and Why You Need It

What is Cyber essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme designed to help organisations protect themselves against common online security threats. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Cyber Essentials provides a practical framework to enhance your cybersecurity posture. Here are the key points:

Basic Technical Controls: Cyber Essentials outlines a set of basic technical controls that organisations should have in place. These controls are essential for safeguarding against cyber attacks. They cover areas such as firewalls, secure configuration, user access control, and malware protection.

Certification Levels: Cyber Essentials – This level involves a self-assessment where you complete a questionnaire and submit it for verification. It protects against a wide range of common cyber threats. Cyber Essentials Plus – A more rigorous option, Cyber Essentials Plus requires a hands-on technical verification by a certification body.

Government Backing: The scheme is backed by the UK government and overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It provides a clear framework for organizations to improve their cybersecurity practices.

Why did we sign up to Cyber Essentials?

Being a business that deals with personal data, having this certification is needed to reassure customers that their data is being handled and secured correctly. The certification also makes any tech-based organisation desirable to clients. Lastly, the certification  opens up the opportunity to work with the council, or their associated organisations, as Cyber essentials is a requirement to be able to work with them.

Why should I consider Cyber Essentials for my business?

Cyber Essentials certification is a crucial step for businesses in the UK to enhance their cybersecurity posture. Here’s why it’s essential:

Protection Against Common Threats:

  • Cyber Essentials helps guard against the most basic cyber attacks. These attacks are often carried out by relatively unskilled individuals, akin to a thief checking if your front door is unlocked.

By obtaining certification, businesses demonstrate their commitment to basic security controls that protect against these common threats.

Reassure Customers:

  • Certified cyber security provides peace of mind to customers. It shows that your organization is actively working to secure its IT against cyber attacks.
  • When potential clients see your Cyber Essentials certification, it becomes a selling point, assuring them of your commitment to data security.

Attract New Business:

  • Having Cyber Essentials in place can attract new business. Clients and partners seek assurance that their data is safe when collaborating with your organization.
  • The promise of cybersecurity measures can set you apart from competitors and build trust.

Clear Picture of Security Level:

  • Cyber Essentials provides a baseline framework. By following its guidelines, you gain a clear understanding of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity.
  • It helps you identify gaps and address the basics, ensuring that your defences protect against common attacks

Government Contracts:

  • For businesses bidding on central government contracts, Cyber Essentials certification is often a requirement.
  • If your work involves handling sensitive information or providing specific technical products and services, certification becomes crucial.

In summary, Cyber Essentials certification not only safeguards your business but also boosts credibility, attracts clients, and aligns with government contract requirements. It’s a smart investment in your organisation’s security.


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