The Importance of Being Part of Somerset’s Business Community

Being part of your business’s community really makes you feel part of something bigger than just your business. Whether you interact on social media, attend events or are part of a network with other local businesses, it all helps to be part of something more and expand your reach.

By following each other on social media, you keep up to date on other businesses (direct competition or not), and local business news. You get to celebrate each other’s work, progress and achievements, while helping each other to develop by having discussions, healthy competition, and exchanging ideas. All local businesses are working to towards the common goal of delivering services to the citizens of Somerset, so why not make the most of being connected with others?     

Dexterous Designs is a member of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, which is just one example of how we maintain connections with other local businesses. The Somerset Chamber of Commerce helps businesses to “connect, influence, grow” with each other, through weekly events like members cuppa and catch-up, which we look forward to each week. The Chamber also hosts bigger networking events, like the Somerset Business Awards. Being a member opens us up to general businesses support, the ability to raise our profile, both locally and nationally, and gives us an opportunity to improve our workforce. A couple of weeks ago the Chamber published an article about our recent rebrand, which once again expands our reach among other businesses. 

To maintain a close relationship with our community we support the Somerset Art Gallery Trust and Tone Youth football club. With the former, when creating their new website, we wanted to support the not-for-profit and their values, we agreed to provide the website for a heavily reduced fee and continue to provide support and hosting to the organisation. Over the years we have helped with small updates and services. For Tone Youth Football Club, each year we support them by donating printed clothing, such as hooded tops or training tops, for the players. Last year we arranged for the team and coaching staff to have some lovely Tone Youth branded tops with players or coaches’ initials on the front, and the new Dexterous Brand on the back. We will continue to sponsor the team and help them promote grass-roots sport for children of all ages.  

Being part of business community has its positives but we, at Dexterous Designs can help your business be noticed ahead of your competition. Especially because consumers are now slowly shopping and spending again, you need to follow that wave and give your business the best chance of making a full recovery and beyond! Get in touch with us today to discuss our services.   


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