The Importance of Good Quality Design and Print

In an age of technology, print marketing remains prominent and effective for businesses. It gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to their community/target consumer, whether it is through posting flyers or personally handing out business cards. Not everyone uses the internet, so print reaches all ages, specifically the older generation. Printing separates your business from the internet world, where people are more likely to remember something, they have physically read, rather than virtually. Producing print materials allows for creative freedom, in terms of the design, content, and types of print media, while also making your marketing strategy more personal and trustworthy. Finally, it is very cost-effective, compared to digital marketing tools. 


When designing for print it is important to follow a few vital steps to make sure that you are producing the best marketing materials possible for your business. Make sure that your materials and designs match the existing company branding guidelines, alongside:  

  • Format 
  • Bleed  
  • Colour  
  • Image quality  
  • DPI (Dots Per Inch) and PPI (Pixels Per Inch)  


At Dexterous Designs, we take all these steps into account when helping create the best quality print marketing for our clients. We have creative, professional, and expert designers who understand the impact a well-thought-out design and high-quality piece of promotional material can have on potential customers. It is important to make a great first impression, and the look and feel of a piece of printing can influence the whole perception of your business. If it is high-end, it speaks volumes that you take pride in the way you present yourself. We offer a range of paper stocks as well as bespoke finishing options such as foiling, embossing, die-cut, and more. If you are going through a website design process, an updated logo could be just what the new site needs to give it a lift. This may be business cards, letterheads, and even vehicle signwriting that needs to be brought up to speed. We help with all business’ graphic design and print services and keep the transition to the new business appearance smooth as silk. We can produce the following materials: business stationary (letterheads, business cards), books and brochures, bags, flyers and promo, hospitality, and retail (menus, signs, posters, beer mats), safety and protection (face masks/guards, signage, floor stickers), exhibition and display (exhibition/iPad stands, backdrops, seating), clothing and PPE, many more.  


We recently produced a folded guide communicating the Principles for Mending the Gaps in Annual Health Checks for People with Learning Disabilities. When discussing the design and format for this piece, it was of utmost importance that the design was intended for people with learning difficulties such as ASD and downs syndrome, as well as the organisations and people that work with them. Hence, the folded, poster-like look provides a fantastic form of visual aid, whilst also showcasing informative and succinct sections of text. Other past design and printing projects can be found on our portfolio. 



If you would like to enquire, please get in touch, so, we can discuss what printing materials are most beneficial for your business!  


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