The Process and Importance of Email Marketing

Email remains the main source of communication with customers. So, in terms of using emails as a marketing strategy it is the most reliable pipeline to your customers, rather than websites and socials, because you are directly sending them to your subscribers/customers, while being able to track it on a person specific basis. This being said, your website and social media can be used as platforms to bring in subscribers to your marketing emails and make your company more known, as they reach a larger audience. Being a subscriber and customer goes hand-in-hand with one another – through email marketing your subscribers become your customers, and customers become subscribers. Email marketing maintains your customer retention of interest and loyalty. 


According to an article by designmodo, there are two types of email campaigns: transactional emails and marketing emails. Transactional emails are “event-triggered ones” sent to a customer after an interaction with your company – for instance, welcome emails, billing messages and reminders. Marketing emails are usually emails sent out in bulk, to subscribers – for instance, review requests, e-Newsletters and promotions. When planning/strategizing an email campaign there are several questions you should explore. What is your goal with sending this email out? Who are the recipients/target audience? What benefits will they get from your emails or why would they want to read them? When sending out marketing emails, you need to be providing a quality service or product and have strong customer service skills.  


At Dexterous Designs, we send out a weekly e-Newsletter to subscribers, covering our industry/company news, achievements, offers, promotions, services and support. Just like Trustpilot reviews, our e-Newsletter is another way to help us maintain a connection with our clients and subscribers, and simply keep our readers up to date with our progress. Subscribe to our e-Newsletter for free here, where you just simply give us your name and email address, and you will receive company offers exclusive to being an e-Newsletter subscriber. Also, get in touch if you want our help setting up your own e-Newsletter, to maintain connection with your customers.



E-Newsletters are such an effective way to market your company, but we’d only advise sending one maximum out weekly, because let’s be honest it can get a bit annoying when the same company bombards your inbox with constant marketing/automatic emails. It’s very important to get the right balance between sending out enough emails so you are noticed and it’s actually effective, and not putting people off by blasting them with emails every hour! Also, make sure your emails offer something of value, like a discount code, a temporary offer, notification of new stock or a new service that is of value to the subscriber, or it could simply be to provide new information such as Christmas opening hours, or an event that you are attending 


We, at Dexterous Designs, can help you on the web, and rely on robust and tested solutions from the biggest providers, like Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact so that anti-spamming legislation and some of the hard work is taken care of. 

Other services surrounding email marketing that we offer are implementing the necessary sign-up code into your site, create an account for you and set up the best tariff based on your mailing list and sending frequency, creating your e-Newsletter, and manage the whole e-marketing process for you – contact us here 


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