The Role Of E-Commerce Web Developers

With a host of platforms available, starting an online e-Commerce business has never been easier. One of the big questions e-Commerce businesses are faced with is whether to hire a website developer.

Regardless of your business’s size, the design and development of your website are vital to building success. That’s where e-Commerce web developers can play a huge part in building your brand’s online presence.

Why hire an E-Commerce Web Developer?

Though starting an e-Commerce business can be straightforward, creating a quality website requires expert services. Many e-Commerce businesses invest in web development services as it saves going to the trouble of creating the site themselves. 

Besides saving your time and hassle, e-Commerce web developers help your business by providing:

  • Unique designs to help your site stand out
  • Greater knowledge of the latest trends
  • Boosts visibility for search engines
  • Adds professionalism to your brand

Whilst adopting a d.i.y approach can save you money, we strongly recommend seeking help. In the long term, you could lose out on much more if your site suffers from poor optimisation and performance. Having a professionally developed website can make all the difference in the quality of your e-Commerce business.

Creating an eye-catching website design

Design is an essential pillar of building an e-Commerce website. It only takes a quick glance for users to develop an opinion on your site and brand as a whole. Without good design, your website could look unattractive and disorganized which can put off potential customers from shopping with your business. Web developers and agencies can provide websites with creative designs that benefit the user experience.

Your design is a way to stand out from your competitors, adding a personal touch and style to your retail website. Opting for website builders can often leave you toying with generic templates. Developers like Dexterous can create stunning web designs to boost your businesses online presence. Check out the high-quality web design services we offer.

Enhancing user experience

As users, we naturally expect websites to be fast, accessible and easy to navigate. Even if you have a fantastic range of products if your site is poorly optimised, customers will lose interest. A negative user experience can lead to customers leaving your site and shopping elsewhere. Investing in web development services can ensure your site ticks all the boxes in enhancing users’ experience. 

Ultimately, the quality of your site’s performance can have a significant impact on sales and conversion rates. Thanks to the wonders of technology, devices like mobile phones and tablets have become much more convenient to browse online. Because of this, it’s crucial that your site is mobile-friendly – otherwise, you could lose out on sales.

Providing essential support & maintenance

Over time every website needs a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. It’s the role of website developers to ensure the necessary updates to further enhance your site. e-Commerce platforms such as WordPress and woo commerce require updates, so will any software that your site uses. 

It might be the case that you need to hire developers for services such as SEO (search engine optimisation). This can not only improve your website’s overall health but can boost your rankings on search engines, rivalling your competitors. That way you can match the user intent to increase traffic and sales. We offer a range of web support and maintenance services, from hosting to SEO.

Secured transaction services

For any e-Commerce site, building trust with your customers is essential, especially for online purchases and payments. Customers need to be reassured that your transaction services are secure, and that account details are protected from hackers. If your site gives users the impression of being untrustworthy, it can put them off from buying from your site.

Web developers can create a secure transaction service for a range of methods from well-known payment providers.

Dexterous Designs: e-Commerce web developers for Somerset & Beyond

At Dexterous Designs, we are experts in professional website design and development, enhancing the online success of our clients. 

Based in Somerset, our expert team can help with many aspects of e-Commerce web design and development. Our range of services focuses on aspects of web design, digital marketing and strategy.

For more information on how we can help your business, get in touch with us at, or call us on 01823 270000



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