The Timeless Effectiveness of Print Marketing

In an age of technology, print marketing remains prominent and effective for businesses. It gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to their community/target consumer, whether it’s through posting flyers or personally handing out business cardsNot everyone uses the internet, so print reaches all ages, specifically the older generation. Printing separates your business from the internet world, where people are more likely to remember something they’ve physically read, rather than virtuallyProducing print materials allows for creative freedom, in terms of the design, content, and types of print media, while also making your marketing strategy more personal and trustworthy. Last but not least, it is very cost effective, perhaps compared to digital marketing tools.

At Dexterous Designs, we have creative, professional, and expert designers who understand the impact a well-thought-out design and high-quality piece of promotional material can have on potential customers. It is important to make a great first impression, and the look and feel of a piece of printing can influence the whole perception of your business. If it is high end, it speaks volumes that you take pride in the way you present yourself. We can produce the following materials: business stationary (letterheads, business cards), books and brochures, bags, flyers and promo, hospitality and retail (menus, signs, posters, beer mats), safety and protection (face masks/guards, signage, floor stickers), exhibition and display (exhibition/iPad stands, backdrops, seating), clothing and PPE, many more. If you’d like to enquire, please get in touch, so, we can discuss what printing materials are most beneficial for your business! 

The print variety and strategies may feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are a new business, so here is a list of schemes/support you may find useful:  

Start-Up Support Package: Business West  

Somerset Councils are running a series of business start-up sessions on Business West. They are open to any Somerset residents looking to set up and run their own business, each covering a different topic area. These different workshop topics, are tailored for people who want expert advice on more specific areas of their business, and to help you “get the groundwork nailed and your first customer on the books.” 

Somerset Catalyst  

Since 2019, Somerset Council and the four Somerset District Councils have collaborated to launch, fund and enable the Somerset Catalyst scheme to give start-ups the “best chance of success.” You will have one-to-one coaching tailored to specific elements you believe your business needs to succeed. Additionally, there are workshops, peer support sessions, business review panels, help to access business finance and marketing support. 

Government Restart Grant  

This is a nationwide scheme to “help the high street,” where businesses have the opportunity to get up to £18,000 each. This one-off grant is for “non-essential retail, hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym businesses.” See the general Government eligibility guidelines for more details.

Additional Restrictions Grant   

This grant supports businesses that are severely impacted by restrictions, and that may or may not be in the business rates system. Local councils have the freedom to determine the eligibility criteria for these grants, but the expected businesses eligible to the help are ones severely impacted by the restrictions, including, businesses which do not pay business rates, businesses that have not received wider grant support, and businesses from all sectors that are severely impacted by restrictions.  

To find out about more schemes and your eligibility for them, check out the Business Coronavirus Support Finder.   

Talk to a member of our team to see how our print and other services, at Dexterous Designs, can help your business begin, recover and excel post-COVID 19.


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