An Industry Leading e-Commerce Platform

Magento (for e-Commerce) is one of the leading platforms for open e-Commerce website innovation. It works hand-in-hand with some of the world’s largest online retailers and brands.

Magento is really for the larger e-Commerce website solution. The beauty of Magento as a platform for e-Commerce, is that the bulk of the structure is available for what you need for the shop, and web developers like us can use this platform and build on top of a tried and tested solution, and use the many options it offers to give your online customers the best experience.

A platform such as this, or WooCommerce as an alternative, will offer a database and a structure so that a business owner, with some tuition, can take orders, add products, set up shipping options, categories and sub-categories.

Magento has a lot of built in features such as product reviews and the ability to put items on sale. Setting up product attributes and variables can all be done from the Magento Dashboard by administrators, but the options are extensive so will be a little daunting to those new to the platform or e-Commerce in general.

Magento ecommerce
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Magento has a great support base through its forums, and there are a huge amount of options and customisation that can be done on the platform so that growing and enthusiastic website shop owners can still have access to many website features that not so long ago would have had been way out of their budget.

The best thing about Magento and any other e-Commerce platform as a starting point is that the integrations and options are extensive.

So, if you want to talk to Dexterous Designs Ltd regarding Magento and discuss a new retail or e-Commerce website solution, Contact Us to arrange a consultation.