What is HTTP/2?

What does http/2 mean to you?

Do you need to know http/2?

HTTP, or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, was designed to perform high-level data communication functions between web servers and the browsers of the sites visitors.

For the first time since the creation of HTTP in 1999 there is a new version of this protocol* and HTTP/2 promises to make websites faster for everyone.

As well as the immediate boost in speed which will give users an improved browsing experience HTTP/2 will also see a boost in search engine rankings as Google announce they will support this new version

*A protocol is a set of rules that govern the data communication mechanisms between clients (for example web browsers used by internet users to request information) and servers (the machines containing the requested information).

Why use http/2?

As the web gets cluttered with more and more media rich websites, website speed continues to be the biggest issue facing business owners as consumers are more increasingly expecting sites to load quickly. Whilst larger companies will devote big budgets to speed optimisation, for many small businesses this is not always possible so any leg up in the speed wars is a big plus.

For online businesses to reach their target market effectively and for users to access good-looking web content faster, HTTP/2 changes are developed to enhance efficiency in client-server data communications.

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