Website Services Video and Recent Website Launches

We’re super excited to reveal our new website design services video! Our resident Videographer and Adobe Premiere Pro expert, Joe, has been hard at work utilising his video creative skills to conceptualise and create this energetic and professional website services video for us. This video marks the beginning of our range of service videos gradually coming out soon! We’re super proud to be showcasing our range of website services in this high-quality media. At Dexterous Designs we want to lead by example, and through this video we hope to encourage you to see how important and engaging service videos can be – it offers a strong and eye-catching medium of advertisement and connection to your current and future clients. We can help you to create your business videos, at the same high-level quality as ours! If you want any more information on our business video creation services, then please do get in touch! In the meantime, enjoy our video below, let us know what you think on via our socials, and look out for our next service video coming soon!

At Dexterous Designs, we create beautiful website solutions and professional, fast and reliable websites that perform! Our experts create high-standard brochure style and informational websites, where prospects get their first impression of what to expect. We understand your business can be unique and your website needs to be too. Some sites also have some very complex and custom-made systems – product configurations, booking facilities, integration of other back-end systems – we pride ourselves in creating the best solution for you! The website services we offer include: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) services, website hostingWordPress, ongoing support/maintenancee-Commerce, and Content Management System training. We will work with you and support a migration to something effective and attractive. It doesn’t have to break the bank and the benefits are completely worthwhile. 

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve added various new portfolio entries to our website! The new entries are mainly based on the e-Commerce websites we have helped businesses create. Each project is different to the one before – they all have different features that are implemented specifically for the companies’ users, customers, targets and range of products. For Tregawne, we created a giftware e-Commerce website, which offers a structured, organised and visually appealing store, with products categorised for a smoother shopping experience. For Gordon Morris, there hearing devices e-Commerce website offers a navigational and high-quality experience for customers, with their many products categorised on various pages for a smoother and wider shopping experience. Print Shop Express’ products are categorised on a drop-down menu for a smoother and easily-accessible shopping experience. Their printing services are described and shown in detail on various pages, with examples of their previous work. We create e-Commerce websites for completely different businesses selling completely different things, on different scales, with different priorities, but all with the same intention and result of effectively selling their products.   

Vehicle Valeting Services E-Commerce Website

This week Gotherington Nurseries’ new website went live, and we have many other exciting projects coming up this and next week that will be adding to our portfolio very soon!  


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