What are the benefits of having a great portfolio?

For a business, it’s critical to show off your work to gain more customers. A portfolio is a great way to show off companies you have worked with and the quality of the work you can produce. Whether online or in printed brochures, ensure everyone knows they can trust your business!

The benefits of having a strong business portfolio far outweigh the problems. By keeping a publicly accessible record of the great work you have done, it allows potential customers to read about and view your projects in advance; thereby allowing them to decide whether to contact you. Why is this helpful? By giving customers a choice of whether they approach you, they will feel more comfortable to work with you. Also, since they will have seen some of your past work, they will establish project ideas in advance.

So what are the problems with building a portfolio? For one thing, it can get very time-consuming very quickly. Portfolios, especially when online, require regular updates/tweaks to make them look effective. Not only that, when you fulfil a new project, you will need to upload links, images, text and anything else to show off your work. While this is extremely rewarding and can bring in business, you need to be able to allocate time to this. If you don’t your portfolio could look out-dated and customers may be put off.

How to share your portfolio with potential clients.

To make a portfolio worthwhile, you need to make sure that everyone is seeing it. How can you do this? One easy method is through increasing social media activity. When a business has an active social media presence, more people are likely to be inspired to work with you. According to a blog by Oberlo, approximately 3.5 billion people use social media worldwide. That’s almost half the planet that could miss out on your work if it’s not shown off on social media!

How else could you share your work? As mentioned earlier, a quick and easy way to present your portfolio is through a personal website. A website allows you to present as much of your work as you see fit in exactly the way you want it. Alternatively, you could get some custom booklets or leaflets printed to distribute to interested clients.

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