Why is being active on social media so important?

At the moment, the best way for a business to gain new customers is through social media. Using these platforms allows a business to connect with past and potential clients for free with no commitments. If your business isn’t using social media, why not?

Now that businesses are unable to have a physical presence in the streets, it is more difficult to gain business. So, because of this, businesses need to use social media to connect with clients and show off their recent work. Many businesses use these platforms in order to present a range of work they have done for high-profile clients alongside local businesses. This gives them a headstart on new customers as it shows they work with anyone to a fantastic standard! Ranging from Instagram to Twitter, there are many platforms available for a business to use. Therefore, how can you decide which platforms to use?

What is each platform used for?

Instagram – This is a platform commonly used to display more creative work such as rebranding projects or even to show off progress within existing projects. For example, a company may choose to display their new website as it’s being built. Alternatively, they may choose to present a project they have been working on for a client and specifically how the end results look!

Twitter – This platform is commonly used for connecting and growing your network with customers. For example, many people use Twitter for general topics such as what is going on in the world around them. However, while Twitter is useful for displaying your projects, it specialises in connecting with others. For that reason, it is perfect for your business right now!

Facebook – While Facebook doesn’t have as much engagements as other social media platforms, it is still useful. Facebook is mainly used as an all-round social media. So, you would post projects and have engagement but not as mmuch as Instagram and Twitter. However, since Facebook does have so many users, it’s still worth it for the little amount of time it takes to set up!

LinkedIn – Why should you get a LinkedIn business account? It is useful to show off the work you are doing and people you are connecting with. However, LinkedIn is useful for building a very professional portfolio. Not only that, you can get to know others in your industry and build connections!

What should I do to build my social media presence?

If you have made these social media accounts, what comes next? Start posting! You can post about almost anything on social media; your work, the world; just make sure it’s positive! Once your followers start to see your work, they will be more inclined to work with you on a brand new project!

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