Why SEO is vital for your business!

At this time, it is critical that potential customers are able to find your business online. With most places in isolation, the only form of advertising a business can get is from online queries. So, how is your business coping? Are your future customers finding you?

One way to guarantee new business is through SEO marketing. How does this work? Seo (Search Engine Optimisation) allows your website to advertise at the top of Google if done correctly. One report states that ‘Effective SEO practices provide a conversion rate of 14.6%’. According to this article, if SEO is used correctly, you would gain almost 15% more business from people searching on the Internet. Why is this important? As mentioned earlier, most people are shopping online at the moment so there has never been a better time to get your business online!

What is the point of Search Engine Optimisation?

To put it simply, it allows your business to promote your services more thoroughly. SEO allows you to set keyphrases and categories that your website should be most known for. How does this help? Ensuring that your customers know what you can offer saves time for both parties. Also, SEO allows a content creator to hone in on key words to use and can evaluate how easy a page is to read. This is great because it allows you to make your web content easily accessible for all ages and abilities.

Furthermore, SEO can help a business to grow and develop new ways to trade. What does this mean? With some commitment to building business, an online store should allow anyone to start shipping internationally. From this, a business can grow a larger base of customers around the world. Why is this key? In times like the current Covid-19 situation, many businesses have had to rely on online stores to keep going. This is made significantly easier when people from around the world follow your business. Why? It ensures that in most cases, you will always be able to do business with new customers regardless of your situation!

How do I get started with SEO?

A good place to start is Yoast. This is a free or paid online tool for managing and enhancing your website’s SEO. How does it work? Yoast allows you to generate key phrases that you want to be found by. Then, Yoast will set this up for you so that you will rank higher on Google and people will find you more easily. Also, Yoast allows you to analyse your written content and provides some helpful tips on how to write more persuasively. Because of this, you can adapt your content to make sure it suits all of your target customers.

If you are interested in enhancing the SEO on your website, check out our advice on how to get started.
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