Windows 10 – Top 10 features

Windows 10 was released a little over a month ago now, and it’s shaping up to be one of Microsoft’s best operating systems to date. Most users who have the operating system installed are already saying its head and shoulders over the previous operating system, Windows 8. Currently, Windows 10 has been installed on over 75 million systems world-wide. 75 million, that’s insane!

So with that many users it has to be good, right? We think so, and here are 10 reasons we like it so much.


The trusty start menu is back with a bang!

A big complaint about the Windows 10 predecessor Windows 8 was the removal of the ‘Start’ menu which was a familiar way for users to navigate to programmes, files, folders and more. Well Microsoft have listened and reinstated the much loved feature, but with much improved customisation ability.


Windowed Apps

In Windows 8, your store applications would be unceremoniously dumped into immediate full-screen. This is however no longer the case, and instead they open in a more familiar ‘windowed’ mode so the user can easily access other things whilst also having the app open.



iPhone users have Siri, Android users have Google Now which are both voice-recognition program’s that can be spoken to help you search the web or your device and a lot more. Well, Windows 10 has one too. Introducing Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri & Google Now on both their mobile devices and in Windows 10 desktop.

What is Microsoft Cortana? Cortana is a personal digital assistant, whose goal is to make your life easier. You can ask for help from Cortana to check the weather, turning centimetres in to inches, the winner in a sports tournament or the birthday of a friend of yours.



This is a really cool one that’s been used in smart phones for a little while now. Hello is a facial recognition system, that when set up snaps a picture of the user of the PC and saves it to a database. Then, instead of using a password, the user will sit in front of the camera and their PC will recognise them. How cool is that?

Android has had this technology for a few years now, but Microsoft says their tech is way more advanced than Android, with special camera requirements and the use of infrared, Not many PCs can use Hello to its full potential yet, but as time goes on we’re sure it will appear more and more.


Edge Browser

For a very long time, Internet Explorer has had a very bad wrap from a lot of users because it was very slow on updates, and very limited on capabilities throughout it’s life. But with Windows 10, Microsoft has completely revamped and overhauled Internet Explorer and turned it into Microsoft Edge.

Many review websites and critics have said “Microsoft finally have a good browser” and their not wrong. Edge has full Cortana integration, meaning that you can browse the internet and search with your voice. Edge is a very fast and modern browser that we definitely recommend.


Action Centre

Action Centre is a redesign of the Notification Panel from Windows 8. The Action Centre can be accessed through a simple click of a button on the task-bar, or with a swipe from the right of the screen. Action Centre basically organises all notifications from applications, and provides access to a number of settings that are most accessed by the user.

This overhaul of the Navigation Panel makes it much easier for users to access any setting, or see any information about the app.


Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops is something that users have been asking for in Windows for a long time, and Microsoft have finally decided to answer the call in Windows 10. This feature allows users to have multiple desktops that different things can be open on. This can be useful for people who have busy lifestyles and have a lot of work to do from home.

They can keep their work open on one desktop, and have other stuff open on another desktop that they can come back to when they’re finished working. You can also create new desktops just by dragging a window to the bottom right corner when in Task View.


Xbox Streaming

A lot of Windows users are also Xbox users, so this feature for them is a really cool feature and even more so when someone else is using the TV the Xbox is plugged in to. This technology allows the user to stream the game they’re playing on their Xbox to any Windows 10 PC in the house that’s connected to the same router.



This nifty little feature basically allows Windows 10 to switch between Touch input and Mouse & Keyboard seamlessly.

This feature is best supported and used on Tablets that run Windows 10, like Microsoft’s Surface tablets, and Lenovo Yoga Tablets. When using a tablet without a mouse & keyboard, you’ll be given Windows 10 mobile view and when you plug a mouse & keyboard into the tablet it’ll switch to desktop view.


Core Windows Apps

Apps such as Mail, Maps, Calendar and Photos have all been completely revamped and this time they’re actually good enough for us to use. The apps have a new interface as well as Cortana integration, meaning you can speak to Cortana and it will open the appropriate app to find what it is you’re looking for.