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Let’s Go Read – Illustrations

About the Client

The book club that unwraps a child’s imagination…

A subscription based book club that encourages reading between parents and children, packed with additional extras, to aim towards creating a magical environment, which children can have fun, learn from and nurture their imaginations.

Let’s Go Read believe that reading and sharing books is one of the most important things that you can do for your child and they want to inspire other families to feel the same.





Originally, the client had approached us with some illustrated assets for each of the main age range sections. These were fun, but lacked some consistency and we both felt that there was another solution that could embody their values and sell the experience.

We spent some time talking to the client to try and get a better feel and understanding of their vision for the brand, and came up with the idea of creating a character to represent each age range. This idea opened up a world of possibilities and soon expanded into creating the world of ‘Let’s Go Read’.

Visual Concept

To illustrate individual characters for each age group, using a diverse and inclusive balance of gender and ethnicity. With a goal of children being able to picture themselves as a part of the Let’s Go Read club!

Each illustration would focus on the child depicted in the magical world they are transported to when reading book, e.g. Explorer is wearing a spacesuit, Discoverer is finding treasure.

“We really wanted to focus on the imagination and enjoyment to be gained from reading.”

Each character then became a part of a large scene which would be used as the main image on the website. The concept here was to show all characters (and some new ones) each in their own individual world, but also a part of the same one (Let’s Go Read), keeping the focus on inclusion, imagination and also showing the journey and experience that is to be had.

Character Illustrations


We also created a series of fun graphics, consistently using the Let’s Go Read branding, to depict each of the ‘How it works’ stages.

These were all created as elements that will also feature in the main Hero illustration and a part of the LGR World!



A single idea can evolve so quickly with hard work and passion. What began as an entirely different piece of work, soon evolved into a large scale illustration project. From concept sketches to character creation, adapted brand assets and colour theory, we have covered every area and created a unique and interactive world.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work on such fun project.

We feel Let’s Go Read will be a great success and are very proud of the work we have achieved together. We have created the base of a fun new world to explore and look forward to working together in the future to expand on this as the company grows.

LGR - Detail 01
LGR - Detail 02
LGR - Detail 04
LGR - Detail 03

Client Feedback

"Ben did a fantastic job for us with the illustrations. He helped us realise the vision for our brand and was brilliant at working collaboratively to achieve our goals. We were very pleased with the level of the illustrations and we would definitely work with him again."
Mark Gladstone-Smith
- Let's Go Read

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