About Dexterous Designs Ltd

Dexterous Designs Ltd was formed in 2014 by company Director Marc Eggleton. The vision was to create a website & graphic design company that built upon outstanding customer service and support, with a personal touch.

Based in Taunton, Somerset – deep in the heart of the South West of England, Dexterous Designs Ltd started with a small team working from a shared and open office environment, quickly establishing ourselves in the area and expanding to our own office premises in less than a year.

Our new offices and shop front on East Reach in Taunton, allows for further expansion and recruitment into the team, but our focus remains on our customers and delivering the highest level of service and responsiveness.

At Dexterous Designs Ltd, we have never looked back. We successfully manage Website & Graphic Design clients across Cornwall, Devon, Bristol, Wales, London as well as all across Somerset and the South West.

About Dexterous Designs

'When YOU Grow, WE Grow… When YOU Succeed, WE Succeed… that’s what motivates us!'


Marc Eggleton


Benjamin Jones

Creative Director

Harvey Kevan

Web & Support Supervisor

Mark Ford

Web & Support Apprentice


In such a competitive industry, you will find many website designers or digital media providers out there offering similar products and services.

So why use Dexterous Designs? Simple answer – we are just a great group of talented and dedicated people, and we believe people still buy from people; people they can meet, trust and work with long term. We are trusted to consistently deliver and continue to strive to meet the ever-growing demands of our clients and the industry.

We take a huge amount of pride in delivering an outstanding service, and back this up with responsive support. We love the long term client relationships that this helps to develop. We enjoy being active in our community and supporting local businesses and some not-for-profit causes.

  • Design & Project Consultation

    We want to learn about your business needs and opportunities, and understand how we can help you maximise these. Whether new or established, you know your business best and we want to learn!

  • Planning & Proposal

    We’ll work with you to formulate a plan of how our services and expertise can help you achieve, and we will put together a project proposal. Together we can discuss your time frames and milestones for completion.

  • Realisation

    We bring your dreams to reality and your ideas to life. Whether it’s a Responsive Website Design or a brand creation, we keep you involved in the process each step of the way.


With Industry Expertise

With our wealth of creative, sales and internet experience we are here to ensure you understand what we are doing and that you believe in our track record. We are confident that once we get started the results speak for themselves.

Grow your Business

Most of the customers we have want to grow and succeed. This could be through selling to other businesses, the end consumer, or both. If you have a desire to reach a larger customer base let’s see what we can do for your marketing activities.

Our Sublime Service

Our Ethos? Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. Three words easy to say but much more difficult to deliver upon. We provide a personal account managed service from order to completion and beyond, taking tremendous pride in our support.

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