Care Provider Folded Guide Leaflet


What we did...

The RCPA came to us requesting an easy to read folded guide that was concise, but effective in communicating the Principles for Mending the Gaps in Annual Health Checks for People with Learning Disabilities.

When discussing the design and format for this piece, it was of utmost importance that the design was intended for people with learning difficulties such as ASD and downs syndrome, as well as the organisations and people that work with them. Hence, the folded, poster-like look provides a fantastic form of visual aid, whilst also showcasing informative and succinct sections of text.

The images were supplied by the NHS and are therefore intended to be easy read; this makes them ideal for the target audience.

The choice of text was also carefully considered. It has been proven that the Century Gothic font is one of the easiest to understand for people with learning difficulties when in print. Thus, all the text on the folded guide has been printed in Century Gothic so that to ensure It can be read with ease by anyone.

In addition to this, it was taken into consideration that bold, luminous colours would not be appropriate as this could visually overload readers. It is for this reason we landed on keeping the colour scheme gentle, therefore allowing the readability of the folded guided to be as comfortable as possible.

In terms of textural quality, we decided that utilising embossment would be an appropriate form of sensory aid. All symbols on the guide were embossed which allowed the document to have another element, without becoming too overloaded.

The flow and overall composition of the guide is tied together by the easy to follow line that goes through the whole document. This enhances the flow of movement throughout the guide, therefore making the overall read and print easier to follow.

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