Website Spam & What Can Be Done?

Some general points on minimising spamming

What is website spam and how can we avoid it?

If you are a website owner and your website offers a Blog or News section, or any pages that offer contributions or comments to be added by users – or even just a simple contact form on your contact page, you have probably been on the receiving end of Spam at some point.

Sometimes it isn’t very noticeable but at it’s worst it can be time consuming to manage and even potentially harmful to your site.

At times, you may get one or two Spam posts in a week – some sites can have hundreds in a day, but here are some things that might help with Website Spam and also what a website owner or Administrator can do to help combat it.

The solutions are mostly free but like anything, sometimes it pays to get the professionals to help depending on how well you manage your site and how much time you have.

Is spam easy to spot?

Look out for words and phrases that bear no resemblance to your content or Blog. Most are easy to see; links to buy counterfeit goods or links to improve your SEO are always prominent. Look for bad grammar, generic comments like “I loved reading your post it was very good” as well as spelling mistakes as these are also common.

Check the email addresses registered with the post – if they are not valid or look suspect this is a tell-tale sign. If you are really tempted you can try emailing them thanking them for the comment and ask them a question; if the email bounces back, there’s your answer!

If a comment seems really generic you could try copying it and pasting it into Google – and if you see it word for word on other Blogs you know its Spam!

Can Dexterous Designs Help?

You can take easy steps on your website to help reduce spam. If you are constantly being bombarded with links to buy a particular product and other words / phrases that have nothing to do with your site, we can help.

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