Benefits & Principles of Mobile First Design

Mobile first website design is becoming a more and more common design approach, geared towards making sure pages and content is optimised and designed for a mobile screen size first.

It is becoming a very popular strategy when creating a mobile friendly website design and turns the more traditional approach on it’s head. Conventionally, pages are designed around a responsive website framework and elements are then ordered / stacked within the page at various breakpoints, and then some design tweaks can be done if they look out of place.

The idea of mobile first design takes the principle that designing for mobile is hardest, so it should be done first. Once this is done successfully, adapting this for the rest of the screen sizes should be easy.

The principle is that a site that looks good on mobile translates to other sizes well too. The mobile first approach is also a content first approach. Due to the fact a mobile screen will have the biggest limitations to technical aspects such as bandwidth, designing with these limits in mind keeps the focus and removes the temptation of adding unnecessary ‘fluff’.

Mobile First Web Design
Mobile first woman on mobile


So, designing for a mobile screen size first means thinking carefully about how it will look on a traditional desktop screen size.

As designers, we believe there is a holistic approach to this technique and we work hard to make sure that we consider the principles of mobile first design as well as the more traditional approach.

We believe this will enable us to deliver the best of both worlds, and ensure your pages and content will look great on all screen sizes.

With devices changing all the time, and new phones and tablets constantly changing, we believe a fluid and responsive Website Design will be most successful when it can adapt itself to the user, and deliver the best experience across the board.

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