5 Common Myths About eCommerce Web Designers

Having a great product range is only one of the many factors that contribute to building a strong online presence for an eCommerce business. Though it can be overlooked, your website’s design and user experience can make or break the initial success of your site. 

For the best results, your first port of call should be an eCommerce website designer – such as ourselves. Although, many business owners are faced with false misconceptions against hiring web designers. In this article, we’ll be debunking 5 common myths surrounding eCommerce web designers.

It is easier & cheaper to build my website on my own

Anyone can set up a website, but it takes greater skills and knowledge to create one of high quality. Website design is a complicated process, requiring plenty of experience in programming. Most web designers have professional training making them experts in their field. 

Most design agencies (like us) have additional skills and experience in digital marketing and graphic design. So, unless you have a background in web design, it’ll be very beneficial for the success of your site to hire a web designer.

Another misconception is that hiring a web designer can be expensive, especially for new or small businesses. Free web design templates and builders are available – but also come with paid limitations. Instead of having a generic design, a website needs to stand out amongst competitors. 

Whilst designing your own site can save money, as your business grows you will need to improve it, requiring you to invest in professional services. With that in mind, it’s better to ensure your website reaches its full potential sooner rather than later.

Site traffic will drive itself

So you have a great range of products on a well-designed website. That should attract plenty of customers, right? 

Not exactly. In reality search engines like Google hold the key to who can see and visit your site. There are many digital marketing strategies for driving traffic to an eCommerce site. 

Methods like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are crucial for your site to rank higher on search engines. Other solutions like PPC (pay per click) advertising can drive traffic to your site, but at a cost. 

Websites shouldn’t take long to create

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to web design and development. Designing a quality website takes a great deal of time and effort. Rushing the design process can leave your site looking unfinished, which is especially bad for building brand trust.

Users today can spot a badly designed website from a mile off and can leave a negative impression of your business. There are a lot of moving parts involved in designing a website such as page structure, colour scheme and overall functionality. It’s much better to have designers take their time in creating a flawless website than have them rushing to meet deadlines.

Desktop site design is more important than Mobile

Many businesses are still under the impression that a desktop site should take priority over a mobile site. The reality is that mobile devices create more website traffic than traditional desktop computers.

With that in mind, your main focus should be making sure that your website is mobile-friendly for users. Not only will this increase your customer base, but it can also increase your rankings on google.

The job is finished once the site goes live

As much as we wish it was that simple, it is only the beginning. The internet is changing every day meaning that websites require constant maintenance and updating. 

For example, WordPress websites can use plug-ins which often require installing regular updates. For further information on WordPress web design take a look at our article – Do I Need A Website Designer For A WordPress Site?

Not only that, but your site’s content needs to be updated over time to ensure it is still relevant and SEO optimized. The key to maintaining a successful website is by constantly monitoring the performance, indicating any areas that need to be improved.

Let’s talk!

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Our aim is to deliver the very highest level of customer service to our clients, ensuring all demands have been met with success. We’ve supported countless businesses with eCommerce web design in Somerset, Devon, London and the rest of the UK.

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