Proud to Support a Local Charity

As you may know, dexterous designs are sponsoring Escapeline. In this blog, we will cover the following topics: what they’re protecting our children from, what they do, who they are, and how you can help. 

Firstly, what is child exploitation? Child exploitation is the grooming and/or enslavement of children and young people to make money through selling drugs, illegal items, and sexual exploitation. Criminals will recruit young people, grooming them to transport drugs in and around the Southwest of England. Usually, extreme violence or intimidation is used to trap the children and isolate them from friends and family, leading them to believe they have no one. Young people, young girls particularly are at a higher risk of being sexually exploited. It is extremely important to understand how child exploitation works, to ensure that our children stay safe. 

Escapeline is a charity organisation based in the Southwest of England, devoted to educating young people and parents/carers. They assist young people to stay safe by teaching them warning signs and protective strategies. They help the community to become more informed on this topic. By strengthening the community’s knowledge, Escapeline is helping to create a safe place for children, step by step. Not only do they prevent, but they help the victims and their families. They offer non-judgemental support and mentoring for both the victim and their family. Escapeline is a team of social work specialists in several different things, such as:

  • Child exploitation
  • Child protection
  • Child Trauma
  • Business, legal, and accountancy professionals
They have police officers around the United Kingdom, who are trained in child sexual exploitation and the emotional/psychological effect this has on victims. As a charity, their outstanding work led to changes in victim care and support.  They have a history of experience with child exploitation, and they have immense, practical knowledge of how child exploitation operates in the Southwest. Furthermore, they understand the impact it has on the victims, their families, and the local community.

We are proud to announce that we are heavily subsidising our commercial rates and providing a new website and various other solutions to allow them to concentrate their finances on their services.


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