How do I keep safe when I go back to work?

Some businesses are beginning to re-open within the next few weeks. Many people are worried about how they will prevent themselves from getting infected in an environment they can’t control. How are you protecting yourself? Is your business meeting the safety standards?

As we start to shift back into normal routine, it is essential to bear in mind that the virus is not gone. While the impact of Covid-19 is being reduced daily, we must still protect ourselves because you don’t want to risk infection. By keeping safe, you are protecting not only yourself but your family and colleagues too. So, what are the best ways of protecting yourself during this time?

There are multiple things you can do, both as an employee and a business owner. The government has provided an incredible amount of guidance and advice for how business should function during the pandemic. Also, there are plenty of safety measures each individual can put in place to stay safe at work. What does this include?

Government Safety Measures

  • Distancing employees & customers at least 2m apart – To ensure maximum safety in the workplace, there should be a minimum of 2 metres between each person. To ensure this happens in your workplace, try to ensure each employee has a personal workspace or room if at all possible.
  • Managing customer appointments – To provide maximum safety for colleagues and customers, many businesses are staggering appointment times. What does this mean? It means choosing to only allow one customer into the store/office at a time. This minimizes unnecessary exposure to those who may not have been subjected to your standard of safety measures.
  • Performing a Covid-19 risk assessment – Many businesses have decided to do a HSE risk assessment. This is a set of guidelines provided by the government to illustrate examples of acceptable Covid-19 prevention measures. It is a useful practice before deciding whether to re-open your business. Here is more information.

Printed Products to Increase Safety

  • Wearing facemasks – By wearing facemasks, businesses help to reduce the rate of infection and minimise chances of employees becoming infected. Facemasks help filter the air so that people can go about their daily activities while staying safe. Order branded facemasks here.
  • Creating physical barriers between customers and colleagues – There are many printing manufacturers producing branded barriers to put between customers and workers. By doing this, you can avoid picking up any illnesses that your customers could potentially be carrying. Order physical barriers here.
  • Floor stickers- Marking your floor out with instructions and safety advice will help keep your office clean. How so? Many larger shops and supermarkets have made a one way system to avoid unnecessary contact. Could you do that in your business to protect yourselves and your customers? Order floor stickers here.


There are plenty of other products available to help fight Covid-19 that we haven’t mentioned. For example, you can order hand sanitiser stations and queue barriers to name just a few! Why wait? Ensure your business is Covid-19 secure and protect your employees right away!

For a full list of Covid-19 essentials, visit our product store pages.
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